The Bahamas Private Transport and Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

Some popular modes of transport for tours inlcudes:
- For 1-4 Persons is MKT Town Car
- For 5-7 Persons is Minivan
- 8-10 Persons Low Roof Transit
- 11-20 Persons Coaster Bus

A guided tour is a tour where a knowledgeable guide leads a group of people to different locations and provides information and commentary along the way.

Taking a guided tour can provide a more immersive and educational experience, as well as save time and hassle of planning and navigating on your own. The good news here is that our all tours are with guides.

You can book a tour online through our website or directly on WhatsApp or our Toll-Free.
Our WhatsApp: +1 242 477 3095
Our Toll-Free: +1 747 222 3215

A private tour is exclusively for you or your group, with a personalized itinerary and often a private guide. A group tour involves joining a larger group of people for a set itinerary and may be more budget-friendly.


Tipping is not always required, but it is a common practice to show appreciation for a knowledgeable and enjoyable tour experience. And the good news here is that our all tours are with guides.

20% of the job!

Some eco-friendly tour options include walking or biking tours, vehicle tours, and tours that focus on sustainable and responsible tourism practices.

Mastercard or Visa is only accepted.

Or notify your bank for an out of country transaction.

The driver will be at the exit holding a sign with your name on it


Yes, 24 hrs before pick-up time.


24 hrs before the service time!



All sales are final. For complete information, visit this link: https://bahamasprivatetransportandtours.com/cancellation-and-refund-policies/

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