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Most Popular Activities in Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas

Nassau serves as the capital city of The Bahamas.  Nassau is considered to be the largest city in The Bahamas.  There are an ample number of activities done in Nassau in The Bahamas.  Some of the most popular activities in Nassau are described below.
Most Popular Activities in Nassau
1. Aquaventure
Aquaventure is one of the famous attractions of Nassau, located on Paradise Island.  Aquaventure spreads over an area of about 141 acres.  Aquaventure is mainly noted for its landscaping and architecture.  These features are very pretty and attract several tourists every year.
Children can have fun with the slides in Aquaventure.  The lazy river in the waterpark is a famous attraction of Aquaventure.  Another attractive feature of the waterpark is that you don’t have to wait in queues to enjoy your time on the pools, lazy river, etc., The safety measurements in the waterpark are very good.
2. Blue Lagoon Island
Blue Lagoon Island is located at a distance of about 5 km from Nassau approximately.  This local tourist attraction in Nassau attracts plenty of tourists every year.
Blue Lagoon Island is mainly noted for the dolphins, which give you nothing but sheer excitement and happiness.  The dolphins in Blue Lagoon Island are excellently trained and specialized to give you an amazing ride on the dolphin surf.  They are friendly and very playful.  The beach is iconic, and it is worth visiting.
3. Cable Beach
Cable Beach is a famous beach which is located on New Providence Island.  Access to the beach is completely free.  Cable Beach is one of the gorgeous beaches you can find in Nassau.  The white sand and the beautiful water of the beach never fail to attract tourists towards it.
It is considered to be a suitable place for a family vacation.  Several attendants are available on the beach to help you with anything and everything.  Visiting the beach allows you to enjoy paradise on earth.
4. Clifton Heritage National Park
Clifton Heritage National Park is located on New Providence Island in The Bahamas.  Clifton Heritage National Park allows you to enjoy and explore nature.  It enables visitors to revisit the history of The Bahamas.  The design of the park is truly inspiring.
It also allows you to enjoy a wide range of species in the marine ecosystem.  The staff is highly helpful and polite.  It also consists of plenty of underwater sculptures that never fail to amaze visitors.  Visiting the park is highly informative and enlightens your mind when viewed from a historical point of view.
5. Pirates of Nassau Museum
Pirates of Nassau Museum is one of the famous tourist attractions of The Bahamas.  The museum tells you the history of the Bahamas pirates and is located in Nassau.  You can learn many things about the life of the pirates.  Even though the museum is small, it lets you know about Nassau’s history.
Certain exhibits displayed in the museum are more realistic.  The museum is easy to access, and it is highly informative.  It enables the visitors to enjoy the pirate culture inside the museum.  It is worth visiting and gives you a pleasant experience.
The above-mentioned places are some of the worthy places you can visit when you go to Nassau in The Bahamas.  It allows you to enjoy some of the most popular activities in Nassau.  Nassau has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and plenty of underwater adventures attract tourists to it every year.

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